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Become a Friend of the Fae

Creative Projects Need Patrons: Crowdfunding

Money makes things happen.  Your support can help to make The Shepherdstown Fairy Festival the best it can be.

We've decided to fundraise directly rather than through a third party app.  Your contributions will help us hire additional acts and entertainers, provide an ADA accessible festival including Sign Language translation and a quiet space where those experiencing sensory overload can rest and regroup, as well as build additional decorations to bring the magic alive.


Friend of the Fae Membership Levels and Rewards

From $5 to $500, every penny will help us make The Shepherdstown Fairy Festival the best it can be.

The Rewards are Cumulative.  Each level receives all the rewards of all the previous levels.  This is a brief summary, you can read more about each reward level and choose yours in the shop section below.  For those who don't need any rewards, you can send contributions directly to our paypal account:

A Nudge of Encouragement                 $5            Our gratitude for showing you believe in us.

I'm Sticking With the Fae!                       $10          Limited Edition Friend of the Fae Vinyl Sticker

Set Your Sprites on Fun!                          $25          Art Card Thank you Note by Snail Mail

I Got This T-Shirt!                                         $50          Limited Edition Friend of the Fae Screenprinted T-Shirt

Grin From Pointy Ear to Pointy Ear    $100       Autographed Poster Print, Elf Ears, Horns

Your Fairy Welcome Here!                      $150       Weekend Pass, Offering Kit or Alice Tea Party for Two

No Such Thing as Too Many Books!  $200       Additional Weekend Pass, 3 paperback or 2 hardback Signed Books

Fairy it Up!                                                        $250        Family VIP upgrade, Fairy Home Decorations

As Fairy As It Goes!                                     $500       Custom costume, Be part of the Ceremony of the Crowns, a 2nd Shirt

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