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Come be the magic at

The Shepherdstown Fairy Festival at Sam Michael's Park

Saturday and Sunday, October 15th and 16th, 2022. 


Street performers and Stage Acts welcome.  If you haven't an act but you've got skills, we can use drummers and trumpet players for the royal fanfare.

Youth Performers

Under 25

Musicians, Dancers, Acrobats, Magicians.  Perform your set on our sponsored Youth Performer Stage.  Short skits by theatre groups & exhibitions from dance schools are also welcome on this stage

All Sorts of Talents

Living Statues, Mermaids, Professional Fairies, Character Performers, Circus Acts, Juggling, Close Up Magic, Jesters, Dancers, Acrobats, and More. If your act will bring more magic, wonder, and whimsy to the show, we need you.

Whimsical Procrastinators

Improv Project

     Do you enjoy role-playing games? Being silly? Wearing costumes? Making up weird stories?  Theatre?  

     Join our improv group and help create the story of The Shepherdstown Fairy Festival.  This one is a significant commitment and a labor of love, but it will be ridiculouslt fun. 

     Join our crew of 13, create and develop a character within the storyline of the festival, receive improv instruction from some of the most talented performers in the Fairy Festival Community. 

     Creative Procrastinations and Whimsical Necessities will pay for your costume, specialty makeup, and effects.

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