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Something Fairy This Way Comes

This October 25-27, 2024
Right in the heart of downtown Shepherdstown.


In the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains
Just 90 minutes from both Baltimore and DC
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The Shepherdstown Fairy Festival

at Sam Michaels Park

will return October 18 & 19, 2025.

          Once upon a time in Appalachia, there was a very special Traveling Show. It was made up of the strangest folk anyone ever saw. Straight out of storybooks they were, with pointed ears and gossamer wings, furry faces and tails that twitched, men with goat legs, even a mermaid. When they came to town, they brought the magic of Faerie with them: wishes could come true, animals could talk, the imaginary became real.

The Shepherdstown Fairy Festival is an immersive energetic experience of fairies, fairy tales, and folklore for people of all ages where you can hear live music, listen to magical stories, and interact with goblins, fairies, giants and other magical creatures.

Situated in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains only 90 minutes outside of Baltimore and DC.  For two days we'll be celebrating the beauty of Autumn and the magic of stories.

Illuminated letter O
Photo of individual dressed as a Rosetti's (animal-like) goblin looking through vintage opera glasses.

Image Credit: Steve Parke

Silhouette of satyr facing left and playing a pipe

Something Fairy This Way Comes. . .

to Shepherdstown WV

October 25,26,27, 2024

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